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Specialized in Integrated Tax Planning and Financial Advice, using tax-advantaged investments to accelerate savings growth.  Experienced in the use of investments such as real estate, individual and small business retirement accounts, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation,  Saving for College,  IRA and 401K rollovers, Required Minimum Distributions planning,  stock options, Living Benefit policies, annuities, and other tax advantaged investments.
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The initial meeting can be by phone or in person.

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Financial Advice

We provide financial advice tailored to fit your personal situation!

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Tax Planning

A good financial plan should always have a solid integrated tax plan supporting it!

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Tax Advantaged Investments

Specializing in tax-advantaged investments to accelerate your savings growth!

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Giving Something Back!

Volunteer work done for a number of local charities.

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A collection of useful reference websites.

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Some of my favorite things to do!

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2018 Tax Law Changes

2018 Tax Law Changes

There were Significant Tax Law Changes that became effective in 2018.

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Ways to Improve your Finances in 2019

Ways to Improve your Finances in 2019

Some Common Sense Ways to Improve your Finances

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Tax Advantages of Downsizing your Home

Tax Advantages of Downsizing your Home

This PDF presentation covers the tax advantages of downsizing your home. Please click on blue link to open the presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information is required to get a quote for your services? - A copy of your prior year tax return is needed, and can be emailed to us.  Your prior year tax return is the fastest way for us to determine what is required to prepare your current year tax return.  We'll also review your prior year tax return for any revisions that would result in a refund of taxes.  

2. How long does it take to complete my tax return? - We try to complete all tax returns within one week after your final piece of information is received.   Depending on the numbers of returns that are received in a given week, it may take longer.  But completing returns within a week is always our goal.

3. Should I submit all of the information at once, or piecemeal as I receive it?  All of your information should be substantially delivered before we start your return.  Delivering your information piecemeal  makes the process inefficient, and may increase preparation costs.    

4. How much does a return cost? - We typically prepare more complex returns, and as a result our minimum cost to prepare a return is $400.  Before we start a return, we provide a quote  for your return as described in item #1.  There is no charge for our initial meeting.

What we do!

We handle all of your tax preparation and planning problems, including the issues below.  My brother and I are CPA's with over 60 years of cumulative tax experience.  We are well trained to handle your tax and related financial problems.  At your request, financial advice can be provided to help you save for important milestones in your life.

  1. All aspects of the new tax law effective in 2018
  2. The 20% pass-through deduction for rental property.
  3. The 20% pass-through deduction for service business.
  4. Tax-free and tax-advantaged investments.
  5. Tax benefits of downsizing a personal residence.
  6. Individual and small business retirement accounts.
  7. Active management of an individual's marginal tax rate.
  8. The management of pre-RMD and RMD distributions.
  9. Amended tax returns and IRS controversy issues.
  10. Different ways to Save for College and Retirement.
  11. Annuities providing guaranteed income for life.
  12. Living Benefit policies to cover critical or chronic illnesses.

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