Giving Something Back!

Over the years, I've done volunteer work for a number of local charities.  Some of the charities that I volunteer for are shown below.  The volunteer work that I do is hands-on, and is not related to my tax or financial work.  I prefer to take a break from crunching numbers when doing volunteer work.  During busy season, time is tight and I can't do as much volunteer work as I'd like, but  I still want to give something back.  For that reason, I will be donating 10% of my tax return preparation fees to the American Cancer Society.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition - Bike parking for various large events

Salvation Army - Helping the fire victims in Butte County

Habitat for Humanity - Painting playhouses for military families in California.

St Simon's BASICS - Building homes for the needy in Tijuana, Mexico

Sacred Heart Community Services - Feeding the poor in San Jose, CA

The American Cancer Society - Actively helping fight the war against cancer.

Any qualified 501(c)(3) organization - Scouting, YMCA/YWCA, schools, churches, etc